Layout and Theme: Nearly complete. I still have a couple items to track down that go grey in the forum and some of the log pages. Comments and Forum are not laid out exactly like I would like. I like the collapsible comments, but I would also like each comment to be collapsable. Comments themselves should use the cookie to remember if they are closed or open.

Login form:
Should probably be hidden? Might be attracting script kiddies. Maybe I'll put it in a hidden div and colorbox it in? Last pass could still fill it in and submit it with out it being visible.

All Forms:
I'd like the forms to load to in a colorbox, pretty much across the board. I'd like 'Add a comment' to pop in the page where you need it.

I want to do a page flip thing for the pagers. Pagers just need to be worked hard, blog teasers should only be title, posted info.. So there could be several on a page.

Content types:
Should be 'tooled' on a bit. Need to add 'Projects'. Blogs should be laid out a little better. Forums is still a mess, not expanding to 100% and other layout problems. The projects content type should be fleshed out. This would be like a blog entry but a page to layout for one of our projects. I plan on working on this and entering this 'website' project as the first project on the site.

Page Transitions:
Want to do fancy transitions for these links, just because I can. The AJAX is working great, with the exception of the fact I have to push the hidden breadcrumb div in #content up to the visible breadcrumb div in #header. I'm already pushing page title up on a AJAX load, just need to do breadcrumb at the same time. I'm thinking the default page transition is going to be old page slides out to the throbber, then new page slides in. Going to do fancy transitions for the three blog links at the top.

Form items need work. WYSIWYG. Form help should be hidden by default, probably in a collapsible div. WYSIWYG should be enabled with the image toolkit. The form items themselves should be themed to match the rest of the site.

So functionally we are probably 95% for this portion of the site. Finish up these odds and ends. I haven't heard any negative feedback about the theme, so I'm just gonna keep going with white, black and green. Once I got all the pieces working perfectly on this end, then it will be time to hit .com hard. The great news is because of the way the sites are connected everything that works over here will work over there and it shouldn't take that long to make something on .com.