Welcome to Starving Geeks dot net.

We build websites, host websites and generally do a bunch of geeky things. This is our projects site. Hopefully we will put some information out here about our projects. The big project we are working on right now is this website.

Starving Geeks dot Net: This wonderful piece of kit you are looking at, designed to be first and foremost a place to connect you to us. I think over time this should become an interesting place.

Starving Geeks dot Com: This is going to be the home of a community classified ad's system. We also plan on having static pages users can build for their various services. We are hoping people will use the site to advertise services and users will come and score people on the services. You should see a lot of activity on this project over the next couple months.

Starving Geeks dot Org: As a community service we thought we would build a list of all known recycling services, to help people locate recycling for their stuff.

and finally the new comer;
Starving Geeks dot Info: We don't really know what we are going to do with this site yet, I have a idea or two.. but nothing has been decided yet.

We eat computers for breakfast

Thanks for visting;
Starving Geeks dot net dev staff


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